James Claffey hails from County Westmeath, Ireland, and lives on an avocado ranch in Carpinteria, CA, with his wife, the writer and artist, Maureen Foley, their daughter, Maisie, and Australian cattle-dog, Rua. His first book, Blood a Cold Blue is published by Press 53.

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  1. Hi James,
    Please pardon my intrusion upon your website but I am in search of information about Claffeys in Ireland. My name is James Claffy and I have research indicating my great great grandfather, James Henry Claffey, emigrated from Ireland. A native of Cloughanshaw or Streamstown, Horseleap parish, co. Westmeath, Ireland, he married Elizabeth McKenna and eventually settled in South Carolina. I wonder if you might have any knowledge of his family.

    Thanks kindly for any help.

    Jim Claffy

    1. James, thanks for the message. I’m not able to fill you in much, except to say there are lots of Claffeys and Claffys in Westmeath and the surrounding area. My family are mostly buried in the cemetery at Horseleap, but further than that I’m not sure of much else vis-a-vis JH Claffey. I’ll email some cousins and inquire. All best, James C.

  2. Thanks James, your help is appreciated. I should add that James Henry Claffey is thought to have been born in 1823. The information about his origin was found in a publication of the Irish American Weekly from Dec. 22, 1877. There was a query posted that read as follows:
    “Information Wanted
    Of James Claffey, a native of Cloughanshaw or Streamstown, Horseleap parish, co. Westmeath, Ireland. When last heard from he was in Fort Motte, Orangeburgh Co., S.C. Any intelligence of him will be thankfully received by Anne Claffey, Cloughanshaw, Streamstown co. Westmeath, Ireland.”

    By the way, I have been reading some of your writings on this site and have enjoyed it very much. You are very talented. I will be getting a copy of your book.

    Jim Claffy

  3. Hello – just had you suggested by Twitter and had a look at the site. I look forward to reading more of your work. I’m an Irish poet (wesht Cork) here in LA and in fact just spent that last week in an airbnb in your town. Had I known, I would have dragged you out for a pint! Next time. Best, Neil

    1. Hi, Neil. Just saw your comment. Thanks for stopping by the site and saying hello. My brother is in Cork these days, Crosshaven, I believe. Was in Baltimore myself, last visit. Give us a head’s up next time you’re in Carp. The new Rincon Brewing Company opened for business last night. Not an Irish pub, but not too bad, either. All best. James

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