Sprinklingskiesday’s Childe

  • Days to Spring Break: 3
  • Pages written today: 0
  • Cups of coffee: 3
  • Essays commented on: 20
  • Quiz keys made: 1
  • Clean desks in office: 1 (not mine)
  • Pairs of eyeglasses on desk: 3
  • Soda bread loaves in oven: 1
  • Socks with holes in toes: 2
  • Miles to Dublin: 5179
  • Miles to Mexico City: 2018
  • Books to read on shelf: 3
  • Cash in wallet: $15

“I saw this morning, morning’s minion, kingdom of daylight’s dauphin…”

Early. Dawn over, the world awakens. Coming in the gate from exercise class last week, a red-tailed hawk swooped from the nearby telephone pole, its claws grasping a rodent, and scant feet over my head it made for the trees across the road. A sign. Significance. Metaphor for some unknown lesson. Pain and suffering. Father would have been one-hundred years old. Daughter asked if Grandpa Jack would have liked her. Bittersweet answer. He would have adored her. The fleet raptor with the struggling prey is me in the clutches of the universe. In a recent meeting someone said, “We teach articulation.” Giving words to the ideas and feelings and confusions of the day. I looked to the shadows of the tree line and asked “are you still there?”