Sliceofwritinglifeday’s Childe

2004: “We solved the world’s problems, including our own.”

2005: “This has been a week of deaths: The Pope, King Rainier of Monaco, Saul Bellow…”

2006: “Today, up at 5:15am to write daily pages.”

2007: “Herzog introduced Nosferatu and held a Q&A afterwards.”

2008: “Taos at last. My room is perched at the top of the building, a windowed space up a steep set of stairs.”

2009: “The smell of magnolia blossoms on the way home last night. The flower, a closed cupcake.”

2010: “Jeanne died yesterday. She was driving to Lafayette. Overcorrected and lost control. Ejected…”

2011: “William Gay dead at 68.”

2012: “Ireland. Home. An emotional mortar and pestle.”

2013: “A sallow man surviving on a diet of nuts and berries.”

2014: “I don’t know if he ever said he loved me.”

2015: “Let out the demons. A spiritual matter. Decline the irregular verbs. Thirteen of them.”

2016: “Without words a bargain is struck, your position changed, closer now.”



(Lloyd Cole & the Commotions, “Are Your Ready to be Heartbroken,” and The Gloaming’s “Samhradh, Samhradh.)