What I Did on Retreat at Tassajara::

  • Drove down a 13-mile dirt track
  • Arrived to an unexpected death in the community
  • Read Mariette in Ecstasy again
  • Wrote daily pages 
  • Drank red wine
  • Ate vegetarian for 4 days
  • Hiked to Shunryu Suzuki Roshi’s shrine
  • Swam in swimming hole
  • Contemplated the stars
  • Sat Zazan each morning
  • Purged my mind of school year baggage
  • Edited 90-story flash manuscript
  • Began edits on 300-page novel
  • Listened to the running monk’s bell each morning
  • Drank much tea & coffee
  • Spoke to many people at communal meal times
  • Read Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
  • Sat by pool and read
  • Ate amazing bread & cheese
  • Slashed fifteen stories from flash MS
  • Soaked in sulphur bath
  • Listened to the brook gurgling away
  • Bowed a lot
  • Read MFA notebooks from LSU
  • Forgot all about Facebook & Twitter etc.,
  • Saw an owl in a tall tree


Andnowtheendhascomesday’s Childe

Days left in school year: 4

Manuscripts to work on: 3

Live submissions: 11

Rejections this week: 3

In-progress subs: 4

Books to review: 2

Copies of Blood a Cold Blue on hand: 8

Messy desks: 2

Headphones on desk: 1

Broken sand dollars: 1

IEP meetings this week: 4

Cash in pocket: $0

(Stringing racquets for Wimbledon qualifying at Roehampton, some years ago)