Why I skipped Applying to Breadloaf this Year

  • Frozen chestnuts make for poor bedfellows
  • Too many people in paisley make me nervous
  • Three manuscripts strike a pose on the floor of my office
  • “The radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools”
  • Giant squid no longer hold any fear for me
  • Palm trees are weak givers of shade
  • Otterskin is not in fashion this year
  • I sold all my vinyl to Charlie at Hot Wax Records
  • My country chose fairness
  • Brambles need pruning and berries collecting
  • My bio pic evinces queasiness in elderly nuns

2014-05-16 17.26.23-1

Cloakofsadnessesday’s Childe

Workdays left in school year—11

Pieces in new manuscript—93

Rings on desk—1

Wood branches on desk—1

Crumpled Post-It notes—1

People unfollowed—45

Pieces at Submittable in-progress—11

Edited poems on desk—2

Essays to edit—1

Feathers on desk—1

Granola Bars on desk—18

F$&%’s given—0